Visit Mount Yangbew Benguet

Mount Yangbew Adventure

First of all the mountain is not too high to hike, when you visit the mountain it will just take you less than 30 minutes of hike. The first time I visited the mountain I thought it was easy but it’s not for first time hikers. I know it was only 30 minutes of hike but I get tired easily. When you reach the mountain summit you will see the whole town of la trinidad and when you look at your left you will see some parts of baguio city and mount kabuyao.

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Mount Yangbew 3

On my social media accounts I was ask some questions about mount yangbew. I cannot answer everything on my social media so I will answer it on my blog and I will only answer some common and important questions that you need to know.

Where was mount yangbew located?

The mountain is located at tawang la trinidad benguet it is called mount jumbo but the real name is mount yangbew. For first time visitors ride a tawang la trinidad jeepney below baguio city hall or at centermall and tell the driver that you will go to mount yangbew and the driver will drop you at the road where you can see a sign saying “to mount yangbew” follow the direction, you need to walk for 10 to 15 minutes to reach the main entrance from there you need to pay for environmental fee. By the way, there are two entrance going to the mountain but the route that I am saying here is the easiest route to the mountain.

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Mount Yangbew 2

How much is the transportation fee?

From baguio to tawang la trinidad it will cost you 20 pesos if you will ride a jeepney but if you want to ride a taxi it will cost you more than 100 pesos or more but I suggest choose jeepney because it’s cheaper and not all taxi drivers of baguio know mount yangbew.

How about the entrance fee? How much it cost?

During my first visit to the mountain it is free to go hiking to the mountain but today you need to pay for the environmental fee for 35 pesos for regular and 25 pesos for the students. Today I don’t know what much is the fee because It’s been a year that I did not visit the mountain.

What to bring?

In this 20 minutes hike you don’t need to bring a lot of things just bring with you 1 liter of water with snack, extra clothes if you need it and the most important thing is a camera, a phone camera or dslr. Take a picture of your adventure, take some shots of sunrise to sunset, Do not miss capturing the beauty of the scene.

Mount Yangbew 1

What is the best time to hike?

The best time to hike is during cloudy day NOT sunny day or else you will get burned from the heat or it’s ok to hike during sunny day but bring with you your umbrella. The best month to visit the mountain is from december to may. The months of december to February this is cold season which I think the best to hike, because it is cold and you will not get really sweaty but bring with you thick jacket because it is really cold especially when you hike very early in the morning.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask at the comment box below. Thank you.



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